Health, Loneliness and the fear of death

The fact that older people fear death and suffering from depression may be more a myth than a reality. Unlike, the fact is that these people face any problems living loneliness active even after the age of 60 years.

Although it is often assumed that old age carries with it the curse of health vulnerability, However research conducted in the 1981 It seemed that only the 21% of participants over 65 years mentioned the fragile health as an important problem. Therefore, Although health problems is more often in advanced age, It's not so critical or “levelling products”, as you might have thought '.

One of the results of a poll of 1975, shot down another myth regarding the age racism (ageism): that all elderly people living alone. The 8% s participants claimed that does not have a nearby person to speak, but the 5% of people under 65etwn reported the same statement. Briefly, advancing age is not necessary something so bad, as often we believe.

The Erikson, in the last stage of psychosocial development mentions that people over 65 years do a review of their lives, considering what you have achieved, what they left behind and what they could do in their remaining life time. If all goes well in this self-examination, the people develop a sense of ego identity – a feeling of accomplishment, accepting that everything has gone well and that can only evolve for the better. If the self-examination leads to repentance, If the person feels that it has done everything you wanted, then you can only feel depression and lead to death.

Despite the fact that the elderly have to cope with loss and death, they are generally less nosiroi in relation to adolescents. In a survey of 1976, adults over 60 years companies are exploring and talking about death more often than younger adults who participated. However, of all adults who participated in the survey, the oldest Group expressed less fear of death, Some even reported that they are willing for something.

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