Elderly: compensate about loss

Age racism is the term used for the discrimination and negative stereotypes that are formed on the basis of age and is particularly acute in our attitudes towards the elderly. A misunderstanding as regards the elderly is that crappy live. Indeed, There are often difficult situations in their lives need to monitor. The sensory abilities are no longer those who had in the past. But, as suggested by Skinner, “If you can't read, listen to audiobooks. If you do not hear well, increased the intensity of the phonograph (and fora headphones to avoid bothering neighbors)”.Many cognitive abilities deteriorate with age, but some other developed to offset the more losses.

Short-term memory loss maybe reflects more a choice of what someone chooses to remember rather than an actual loss. There is no doubt that the “mental speed” significantly affected, but the accumulated years of experience can, and often becomes, to compensate for the speed advantages.
Indeed, death becomes a reality. In several countries of the West the 50% for women over 65 years are widows. But many seniors are opting for this period of their lives to marry even for first time.

Yes, children have long been "left the nest”, but continue to maintain contacts and now Additionally there are grandchildren with whom they can interact. Also, the children of the elderly have already reached the stage of adulthood and thus is more able to provide help and support to their elderly parents. De facto, only one 5% of Americans over 65 years living in nursing homes and less than 20% is unable to walk or doing simple movements.

Indeed, many elderly fear retirement, but many welcome it as an opportunity to do things they were planning it for years. Many people after the 65 become more active physically after leaving a job that forcing them to constantly be behind a desk.

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