Pregnancy and abortion in adolescence

It is estimated that half of the girls in the United States between the ages of 12kai 15 years, have an active sex life and, According to various estimates, the 40% These girls become pregnant. Among teens who capture half – over 1 million per year-choose abortion. Meanwhile, the number of young single mothers, many of which are teens, growing every year.

What effect has the abortion or the birth of a child to a teenage girl; The American Psychological Association organized a group of experts to deal with the issue. They concluded that abortion in the first three months of pregnancy does not cause serious psychological problems in most women. Of Course, the emotional reactions associated with abortion vary greatly. Some women feel metaniwmenes, sad and guilty, but for the majority, the serious dissatisfaction and psychopathology, don't follow the abortion. In fact, the most common reaction to abortion and for adults but also for younger in age is the sense of relief. However, If a woman believes that abortion is a wrong move, If it is not supported in the decision to proceed with the abortion or the mate from either her parents or if blames herself for her pregnancy, then he will face greater difficulty in managing her feelings after an abortion. For the teenage girls who decide to give birth and raise their children, the chance to finish school is minimized and future income potential is reduced. Extra, If these girls get married, the marriage probably time from social and economic pressure.

To decide whether to make abortion or birth is extremely difficult for many teens and the decision is not based simply on facts. Religious, moral and family attitudes concerning abortion usually have weight in the final decision. There isn't a right or wrong decision in question if a teenager should make abortion. Even in difficult economic circumstances facing many young girls, many are those who raise their children successfully, usually with the help of supporting parents. Young pregnant girl to be confident in its decision, Apart from the mate and her parents, you will need to take into’ consideration of the impact on religious and ethical beliefs and possible outcomes mentioned above.

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